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Updated Skincare Routine


Since I have been blessed all my life with pretty good skin (thanks mom!)I’ve never but that much effort into finding a good skin routine, since I didn’t feel like it was important. But as I have grown older and the amount of make-up products I put on my face have increased, I’ve had to rethink this.

I believe I have already posted one of these skincare post before (Probably sometime last year), but I have since changes up it a couple of times before finally settling on this one that I am about to show you

Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash From Lush
Yes, you heard right. Beard Wash. This was originally something that me and my mother bought my brother and as we are abut to purchase it the girl at the register tip us that the wash is an amazing make-up remover, so we thought, why not?

All I can say is that she was right. This washes EVERYTHING of with just one wash and I no longer need to fight with my stubborn mascara. It’s great, a little pricey, but non the less great.

Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub By Neutrogena

I have tried this facial scrub before but with the other scent (it definitely does not smell as good), and when I saw this on sale, I decided to try it again. It’s good and does it’s job, but I am not overly impressed my it. But for the price, it’s a good product over all.

So Totally Clean Everyday Cleanser By Formula 10.0.6

The last product that I use it the cleanser from Formula 10, I use this to get the last of my make-up that might still be left and as a toner since I don’t have one. Once again, this is a product that does it’s job and it’s fine at what it does. It’s not too pricey either, so that’s is one advantage of this product.

I don’t use a lot of things in my skincare routine at the moment and ,as you probably can see, I am also currently missing a good day/night cream, so that’s what I am currently on the hunt for.

Until next time.





Monthly Music: November

monthly m nov

It’s officially December. Where did this year go?

Also, since it is December, it is time for another Monthly Music update and this time it features songs from both regular albums and also from three movie soundtracks. This month has been a good one for new music, from going to the Ed Sheeran concert to being able to fangirl over my favourite boy band’s new album, FOUR. I have also watched some movies that features great music, such as If I Stay and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (I might have played the song The Hanging Tree one to many time).

Anyways, let’s start this months round off.

I am having some pride over that fact that the Swedish artist, Tove Lo, is featured on the soundtrack of Mockingjay Part 1, but I feel like it’s not that big of an surprise since Tove Lo is really getting all the attention she deserves following the mega hit ‘Habits (Stay High)’. I also really like the song ‘Not On Drugs’, which is also featured in this months playlist.

Once again a song from a movie soundtrack. While watching If I Stay last months, the band Willamette Stone was featured a couple of times since it is one of the lead characters band both on and off screen. This song is one that really caught my eye (or really, ear) and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since.

I am one of those people who have no problem blasting One Direction on full volume with that windows open, much to the distaste of my family and neighbours (probably). And that’s what I’ve been doing since the release of their new album FOUR. While this album plays more on the pop that their previous album, Midnight Memories, which had a little more influence from folk/indie music (by that I mean that they wear influenced to ad some elements of those genres into their usual pop music).

This is a perfect album to get you pumped for the day. Fool’s Gold might not be the most up-beat song that is on the record, but it is one of their more relatable ones.

That’s it for this time and don’t forget to check out the rest of my November playlist below!

Concert Round-Up Of 2014


As we are heading in to the last month of this year, I wanted to do a mini round-up of the concert that I went to in 2014.

This year has been great concert wise as I had the opportunity to go to three concerts, which is quite a lot since it is a four hour journey from where I live to Stockholm, where all of the concerts took place.

All Time Low, February 18th, Fryshuset
I’ve been a fan of All Time Low for the past 4-5 years and I had not had the chance to see them live until this concert. It was probably the most crowded and sweatiest concert I’ve been to yet, but at the end of the concert I was one person from the barricade on Jack Barakat’s side of the stage. I was ecstatic to say the least.

One Direction, June 13th, Friends Arena
This show was massive. Being a fan of the boys from One Direction for a couple of years, I decided that it would be fun to go to their Where We Are tour this last June. And it was. Great music with great friends made the experience very rememberable. Only downside was that they were 45 minutes late, which wasn’t that fun, but as soon as the music started, my aching feets were forgotten. But next year, I hope they are on time.

Ed Sheeran, November 12th, Ericsson Globe
My latest concert experience and hands down the best one. I can’t say one bad thing about Ed. The energy in the room was at an all time high and how he remixes his songs is just amazing (His remixed version of You Need Me, I Don’t Need You was brilliant). This is one of the best artist in the world in my opinion and if you have the chance to see him live, grab it while you can. Amazing.

So, this year has been a great one for me going to concert and that is going to continue on into 2015. In May, I am seeing 5 Seconds Of Summer again (they were the openers for 1D) and in June, as I teased above, I’m seeing One Direction again in Gothenburg.

Now I’m going to cozy up with some mulled wine and try to get over the last of my post-concert depression.

My Space


One thing that I’ve been noticing as I am getting a bit older and nearing the time when I will spread my wings and leave the nest, much to my moms disappointment, is that I’ve been getting more and more interested in home decor.

In a prefect scenario, I would live in an renovated factory (with brick walls, very important) and the decor would be mostly industrial. It would also feature lots of fresh flowers.
But, as I said before, I still live at home and there is also that thing called money. Which for a student is usually very non-existent .

But that does not stop me from spending too many hours roaming Pinterest and tumblr with search word such as “cozy loft” and “fresh flowers”. Keeping the dream alive and all. I’ve spent some time putting together a little collage of some of my favourite home decor inspiration photos above, that might also help to inspire some of you readers.

Also, I need to be removed from Pinterest for my wallets safety.

Just a tip for all you youngsters out there who are nearing leaving home. Put home essentials on your christmas wish list. You are going to be very grateful for it when you are standing in Ikea and the total price is just getting higher and higher. I myself already have a full set of glasses stored away.

All pictures that are featured in this post is taken from Pintrest. Rights reserved to the owners

‘Everything She Wants” – Saint Raymond

I had heard this song on many of my times on the site 8tracks, but it wasn’t until I went and saw Ed Sheeran that I actually found out who the song was by. And by that I mean that Saint Raymond were the openers for Ed. If that was unclear (as most of my posts usual are).

Also, gotten my camera fixed so I can now take photos again, can I get a whoop, whoop?!

My Film Picks For Autumn


In writing moment, I am located on a train going to Stockholm, as I am going to a Ed Sheeran concert this evening. But since I did promise you guys a none-music related post, I thought I would share my current favourite films. But keep in mind that I change my favourite film as often as most people change their clothes.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

So I did mention this movie briefly in my previously post because of the amazing soundtrack for the film, but that is not the only thing I liked about this film. I liked everything.
I am usual a little bit off when it comes to Ben Stiller films and I don’t think I had watched any of his films in years before viewing this one. It is a funny, dramatic and all-over beautiful film. The scenery is beautiful, most of it being shot in Iceland (if I remember correctly). This is just one of those films that you can watch together with your friends and family on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocolate. Yes, I went there.

If I Stay
So this is the film I watched the most recent (You could count two days ago as pretty recent, right?). This is one of those films that, at least for me, is in the same group as The Fault In Our Stars, but maybe not that sad. Well, that depends on the person. For this film I suggest you get your tissues out, because you are probably gonna need it. Also, Chloë Moretz is just fabulous. Oh, the music is also ace, with music from bands like Willamette Stone and a very soft cover of the song Halo. I strongly recommend this film.

The Hobbit Trilogy
First of all, I know the picture I used looks a bit strange and yes, I know that it’s technically not a trilogy yet but it will be soon (and I am so going to the midnight showing of it). So anyways, Tolkien’s stories and Peter Jacksons films of based on the books are some of my favourite creations of all time (I mean that in a pop culture/literature way). If you haven’t already watch these films, shame on you, you have missed SUCH a big part of film history. But hey, you can always fix it. And you really should.

Now, while I haven’t gone in to the films that much (read; nothing at all), I just don’t want to spoil anything if anyone wants to check these films out.

‘Bad Habit’ – The Kooks

So I know that I’ve been posting a lot of music related posts lately, but I promise, as soon as I get back from my school trip this weekend I’ll get some other posts up. Bare with me.

The Soundtrack To My Life


I think a lot of us at one point or another have thought about what would be the soundtrack (or song) to our life. The question of “What would be the theme song to your life?” is ever present in any interview I have every read/watched. I personally would love it if at random times in my life over-dramatic music starts playing, but hey, maybe that’s just me.

If I would have to choose an album to have playing throughout my life it would probably be The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty soundtrack (which is what I’m going to talk about) or, um, every single Taylor Swift album. Don’t give me that look, her songs are very relatable and the woman got some serious talent.

Okay, back to the Walter Mitty soundtrack. During this past summer, me and my mother decided that renting eleven films was a good idea and among the films that my mother picked out was The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. I had previously heard of the movie and that it was suppose to good, but I didn’t think it would be THAT good. The scenery is freaking amazing and the plot, even though it is bloody weird at points, actually works. But, what really stood out for me throughout this film was the soundtrack.

I don’t think I have ever shazamed (is that a real word?) so many song during a movie before. It’s just that amazing.

From Of Monsters & Men to José González, the soundtrack is just all over brilliant. Also, the fact that the soundtrack includes The Pina Colada Song should probably make everybody interested.

So I would recommend you to watch The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, but in the mean time, you really should take a listen to the soundtrack below.

Monthly Music: October

dont fucking touch 2

Getting the inspiration from one of my favourite blogs Romeo And The Lonely Girl I’ve decided to finally start the “Monthly Music” check-ups, but I can’t really promise it will actually be a monthly thing since I don’t always find enough new music every month to actually do a playlist, but we’ll see! So, check out some of the artist featured in the playlist below and find out who else I have been listening to in the playlist at the bottom.

So I am am pretty late to the Florence + The Machine party but I am finally here. After re-watching the movie Wild Child a couple of weeks ago which featured this song (Which I had to stop the movie to shazam..) I’ve been listining to this song religiously. I’ve also rediscovered songs like Howl and Cosmic Love that I have listen to a long, long time ago.

Another artist I think I am pretty late to the party as well is Hozier, and oh boy am I happy I found him. This song as well as Arsonist’s Lullaby (which is also featured on the playlist) is probably the most played song on the whole list.

I don’t think anyone has missed Ella Henderson and her mega hit ‘Ghost’ and her new single Glow is just as good as the last. This girl is brilliant at singing and her cover of Sam Smith’s ‘Not The Only One’ is proof of that. This girl is going to go far.

I found Years & Years last month threw the actress Emily Browning who is featured in the music video and I found myself really loving their sound. Not only is the video beautiful made but this is just the music I like to listen to and it has been well listen to this past month.

So this has been a little taste test of the music I’ve been listening to throughout the month of October and also from last month. Check out the full playlist below!

Make Me Blush

I don’t think that you have missed it, but if you did, it is finally autumn outside and it is time to get out the hot chocolate and blankets, curl up in bed and watching a Halloween movie. Also, for me, this is time to change up some things in my life,one of them being my make-up. Gone are the colours of summer and in with the dark and warm colours of fall and winter.

make me blush 1

On thing that I always seem to change up in my daily make-up routine when the seasons change is my blush. During the summer I used a peach coloured blush from Viva La Diva and a pink blush from Kicks but I felt at the start of autumn that it was time to retire those colours for the time being (well, until May) and bring in some warmth to my make-up and I did so with the Rockateur blush and the Hoola bronzer by Benefit.

make me blush 5

You will probably have seen the Hoola bronzer on this blog before since I have used it since last year but what is new to my collection is the Rockateur blush which I purchased on my last trip to London in late July of this summer.

The blush is perfect for someone like me who can’t really be bothered to dig up my highlighter from the bottom of one of my make-up bags every morning (even though I like a bit of a glow) since it has some shimmer in it. The blush also goes great with the Hoola bronzer, and that’s why I decided to include it in the post.

The only downside is that Benefits products can be on the more pricey side, at least for a student like myself. But, if you have the chance, I personally would recommend that you try these products out because they really makes you have that healthy glow that we all want and probably all need during these coming dark and cold months.